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The Free*, Easy, Simple and Fun Personal Budget Helper.

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There are many published articles out there that tell you how to get out of debt, and
    you need to be aware of the changes you should make and the steps you should take. But with so
    many people still in debt these days I think some people could benefit from some concrete help.
    BudgetBee is designed for the regular person who may have trouble making ends meet
    every week (or every two weeks).  BudgetBee helps you decide things like, how much to
    pay on your credit card (if you can't pay it all off)?  How much extra can you pay on
    this month's student loan?  Can you go out to dinner this week?  If you don't eat for
    the rest of the week can you afford that fancy new iPhone? 

*In the spirit of BudgetBee, it would be bad form to make you pay for a product that wants to
help you out financially. So there will always be a FREE version of BudgetBee.